ElsaSisters Goes to Belitung | Explore Belitung [Day 2]

MidSis and LilSis did some travelling to Belitung some weeks ago. Belitung or more known as Belitong by local people, started to get famous since novel based movie “Laskar Pelangi” a.k.a “The Rainbow Troops” (by Andrea Hirata) became such a hit back then. We decided to go there and do some exploring. Read our Day 1 story here.

A day had passed and we were then ready to do our second day exploring at Belitung. We could say that the second day was the most fun and memorable day there. If you’re wondering why, then take a look at this post! 🙂 P.S : This post is going to be photos heavy. We just couldn’t decide which photos should we share. All of them are just so worth sharing!

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