Japanese night | Good dinner at Midori Japanese Restaurant

Chirashi Sakura, 80k

Chirashi Sakura, 80k

We love Japanese food and lately we’ve been craving for Japanese foods lately. So we decided to have dinner at Midori Japanese Restaurant based on our friend’s suggestion. It is located in Karawaci area and only about 15 minutes from Supermal Karawaci. You can easily spot Midori as it is located inside a quite big building near (maybe we can say next to) ‘Taman Ubud’. Midori is on the first floor of the building, and on the second and third there are massage place (BersihSehat) and another restaurant called ‘restongalam’ Continue reading

Late post | Lunch break at Nanny’s Pavillon Barn, Flavor Bliss

aaThis must’ve been in the draft since loooonnngggg time ago. But, I love this saying : “Better late, than never”. So, it’s better that I post this late than never. Okay, that’s just an excuse.

However, me (lil sis) and big sis were having a sis date looonnggg time ago. We decided to eat lunch at this super cozy restaurant, Nanny’s Pavillon Barn, which is located at Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutera. And we got a little surprise when we’re ordering. Yes! That time, they’re holding a ‘one buy one’ promo. Surely, it was only for pasta and baked rice, so we bought their baked rice 😉 Continue reading