Food Fighting! | Food Fighters, Melawai

Red Smokigori, 35k | Blue Smokigori, 35k

Hi fellow foodies! We’re back and we are going to share our food-fighting experience only in the one-and-only Food Fighters. They are located in Blok M, Melawai area. It’s a little bit hard to find this place because they’re not located on the main street (or maybe it’s only for us ><). So Google Maps or Waze comes quite handy here. They’re located beside Fave Hotel and in front of Blok M Square. To get here, you can enter Blok M Square entrance and follow the road. You can easily spot them by their eye-catching decoration. Continue reading

[OPENRICE GATHERING] | Häagen Dazs featuring ILLY Coffee

Cookies and Cream Espresso, 60k

Cookies and Cream Espresso, 60k

Why do you drink coffee? Is coffee good for health? Don’t you think caffeine is bad for health?

Have you ever have those thoughts on mind or heard somebody talk about it? Well, then you are on the right spot reading this review. Last Saturday LilSis joined her first ever OpenRice gathering at Häagen Dazs Senayan City. It was indeed fun! Meeting other OpenRice foodies, she had a new great experience there. Continue reading