About Us

Blood is thicker than water

Formed by three girls who are sisters, ElsaSisters was born on 30th of December 2014. We are food enthusiast and decided to share our food and travel stories with other food lover/foodies/travel enthusiast. Using the term BigSis, MidSis, and LilSis, we promise to give you the most honest review BASED ON OUR PREFERENCES.

BigSis (Christien Elsa Handrinata)

The first daughter from the siblings. She is currently studying Interior Design. She fell in love with foods and the one who gave us courage to start our Food&Travel Blog♥
Follow her instagram : @christienelsa

MidSis (Jessica Charis Elsa)

The second daughter from the siblings. The one whose responsibility is to takes photos for the blog. She loves food and can’t get enough for pork♥
Follow her instagram : @jessicacharis_

LilSis (Mary Christina Elsa)

The third daughter from the siblings. She is madly in love with foods and the one who write all the reviews here unless stated♥
Follow her instagram : @marychristina_

ElsaSisters is still growing. We keep on learning new things, and trying to make this blog better. Please subscribe and keep loving ElsaSisters!

For other inquiries : elsasistersindo@gmail.com
Instagram : elsa.sisters
OpenRice : elsasisters
Zomato : elsasisters
AbraResto : elsasisters
Facebook Fanpage : Elsa Sisters

Disclaimer : All photos here are taken by ElsaSisters. Please don’t use it for any commercial nor non-commercial use. If you want to use it, please contact use through electronic-mail.

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