Happy New Year 2016! | Year End Recap


Merry Christmas 2015 (late) and Happy New Year 2016 fellow foodies!😊 ElsaSisters would like to thank all of you for being there from our beginning until now.


Red Velvet Latte, 25k

It’s been exactly 1 year since we started this blog with the encouragement from BigSis. We started this blog on 30th of December 2014 and we have gained A LOT from this blog. New friends, new hobby, better feed on instagram 😂 (who doesn’t love a good feed?), and of course new experience.

Let us do a quick recap about this year. Our very first post is about Matchafuku from Citra 6 (post here), and since then we started to post more and more. Well, it is obvi that most of our reviews are cafes/restaurants around Citra 6 area (just because it’s near our house), but we also do review about places around Tangerang and other.



Starfish at Sand Island

We also started a new section (read : travel) and it was about our trip to Belitung (1, 2, 3, 4). We haven’t posted much on travel section, but we promise to keep it updated soon! 😉


Things started to get more enjoyable and then LilSis thought about making a food community. Soon, it is known as SnapFoodie. From SnapFoodie, we had some exciting meetups and we got to hold our first meetup with one lucky followers.


There are many good experiences this year. You name it : appeared in a TV broadcast, joined a foodies gathering, visiting many new cafes/restaurants, etc.

Time goes by and now we’re at the last day of 2015. We’ve been through many things. There is up and down, there is time where things started to get boring, and there is time when the passion heat up inside us. But all in all, it was a wonderful year for us.
And for us, the quote that relate to this year the most is this one :

There is always a first time for everything.

To finish it up, let us share our #2015bestnine! Here it is :


BigSis' #2015bestnine


MidSis' #2015bestnine


LilSis' #2015bestnine

That’s all and we are looking forward to a more exciting delicacy trip next year. Let’s make 2016 a wonderful year, foodies! 🙂image

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