Food Fighting! | Food Fighters, Melawai

Red Smokigori, 35k | Blue Smokigori, 35k

Hi fellow foodies! We’re back and we are going to share our food-fighting experience only in the one-and-only Food Fighters. They are located in Blok M, Melawai area. It’s a little bit hard to find this place because they’re not located on the main street (or maybe it’s only for us ><). So Google Maps or Waze comes quite handy here. They’re located beside Fave Hotel and in front of Blok M Square. To get here, you can enter Blok M Square entrance and follow the road. You can easily spot them by their eye-catching decoration.

LilSis has read some review about Food Fighters and almost all of them said that Food Fighters has more than 10 tenants, and all of them are from the famous Pasar Santa. Reading that, we just can’t wait to go there.


Food Fighters is like a street-foodcourt that are filled by many creative young entrepreneur. They decorated the place with many 8-bit mural. And also, it has an un-finished touch which made it more extraordinary. Now let’s talk about the foods we’ve got to try!

BlackJack Jumbo Burger, 45k

Chicken Satay, 33k | Lamb Satay, 43k

Sate Bumbu Oma || Chicken Satay, 33k | Lamb Satay, 43k

The first dishes were these Chicken Satay and Lamb Satay from Sate Bumbu Oma. Their satay were quite great with chewy meat. The special thing about their satay is they don’t use Indonesian peanut sauce but they use their special sauce which taste sweet-sour-spicy which is made using caramelized sugar.

Chicken Satay, 33k | Lamb Satay, 45k

Chocolate Flavored Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream, 35k

Zucker Waffle || Chocolate Flavored Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream, 35k

This is da bombz (with z because it was THAT great!). The best dessert we tried yesterday. LilSis has been wanting to eat waffle since ages and her dream just came true. Their Chocolate Waffle was freakin’ great. It’s not soggy at all and it got a ‘body’. It wasn’t that fluffy but not that hard. Literally got the chewiness and the vanilla ice cream and M&M’s topping just completed this dessert! Love it so much.

Zucker Waffle | Sirloin Steak Waffle Burger, 45k

Kue Cubit Green Tea and Strawberry, 20k

Kantin SD || Kue Cubit Green Tea and Strawberry, 20k

The almighty half cooked Kue Cubit is here foodies. Kantin SD’s half-cooked kue cubit were quite great but it was too fluffy for us. And a plus point was, we could taste the green tea that they’re using 🙂 Nice job.

Chicken Wings Reguler : Original, 35k

Yipiko Wings || Chicken Wings Reguler : Original, 35k

We love their chicken wings! The meat was tender and their sauce was just too good to be true. They also made their own fries from REAL potato which is a great point. You must try it if you love chicken wings.

Chicken Wings Reguler : Original, 35k

Black Magic Noodle, 45k

Black Jack || Black Magic Noodle, 45k

The black phenomena is available here too. Brought to you by your one and only, Black Jack. This is their Black Magic Noodle served with veggies, chicken, and fried egg. Taste wise, their noodle was a little bland but if you eat it with the chicken or egg, it will enhance the taste more.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

(Left) Infused Water 500ml, 20k | Coconut Rose, 25k (Right) Black Magic Noodle, 45k

BlackJack Jumbo Burger, 45k

Black Jack || BlackJack Jumbo Burger, 45k

And another black thing here. This time is their black bun burger that was served with fries. Their burger consist egg, cheese, veggies, and mayo. The black color came from activated charcoal which people says it’s good for your health.

The portion was big and for the taste it was quite great. The bun was fluffy and the filling (which here I mean the egg and cheese) taste pretty good combined with the bun. Not forgetting the oozing egg yolk which completed this dish more.

Pizza Four Kind Cheese, 45k

Bonara Pasta || Pizza Four Kind Cheese, 45k

You love cheese? You love Pizza? Then this one is definitely for you! Bonara Pasta’s pizza is made specially for cheese lover. Because it has 4 kind of different cheese as the topping. They also brushed their pizza with some sugar so the pizza won’t taste too salty. However, the pizza dough was a little bit too thick for us.

Smoked Cheese, 35k

Bonara Pasta || Smoked Cheese, 35k

We were a little bit surprised to know that they serve pasta. This smoked cheese pasta is literally super cheesy. Their penne was cooked perfectly. LilSis found that this dish was too salty for her preference as it is super cheesy.

2015-12-13 08.35.22 1.jpg

Quesadilla, 30k

Papricano & Sloppy Bro || Quesadilla, 30k

This quesadilla consist cooked minced beef covered with tortilla. It was served with pesto. LilSis love their quesadilla. It tasted warm and fulfilling.

Mushroom Burger, 35k

Judas Kitchen || Mushroom Burger, 35k

If you’ve already known, Judas Kitchen was a healthy drink shop. But now they also served healthy dishes such as this Mushroom Burger. This burger is filled with delicious portobello mushroom and feta cheese. On the side was the salad topped with feta. Taste tasty and prove that healthy food can be delicious too 🙂


Martabak Factory || MG MIX 85 (MIXED 8 FLAVOR), 85k

Martabak has always been our favorite and this one is elevated martabak (If you know what I mean). It has 8 different flavor, starting from chopped nuts, caramelized bananas, ovomaltine, ceres, strawberry, shredded cheese, nutella, and crushed oreo. Tried the ovomaltine and cheese one. I prefered their ovo over their cheese as it taste better. For the dough itself, it was overly fluffy for us.

Kopi Pasar || ALCHEMY (KANYE & STAR WARS), 50k

Kopi Pasar is the most photogenic booth if we might say. Love the presentation of their unique cold brew which was made upon a music vibration. New way for brewing coffee right?

Cappuccino, 30k

Kopi Pasar || Cappuccino, 30k

Loved this one ❤ Taste great, not overly strong. However, I’m not a great coffee drinker so I don’t really know if this one is the best or not. But for my preferences, this one taste quite great. Not overly sweet nor bitter.

Drinks by Food Fighters || Red Smokigori, 35k | Blue Smokigori, 35k

The newest and instagramable drink by Food Fighters. After a long eating, let’s quench our thirst with this Red Smokigori. It consist shaved ice, syrup, and layered strawberry and jelly.

Blue Smokigori, 35k

For the blue Smokigori, it consist shaved ice, Blue Curacao Syrup, layered jelly, and lemon. For the taste, we prefer the red smokigori rather than the blue one as it taste sweeter and better.

Coconut Rose, 25k

And that’s all! We pretty much had a great lunch there. Great food, great ambiance, great friends. Having fun with our #SnapFoodie friends, talk about foods, and many more. Hoping to have more lunch with them. Thank you Food Fighters for the foods! So what are you waiting guys? Let’s eat, foodies!

Address : Food Fighters
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