MidSis Sweet 17 | D’llyst, PIK

IMG_9029At 11th of January, mid-sis was having her sweet 17th birthday at D’llyst! It is one of many cafe in PIK. In-line with Porter House, D’llyst is quite spacious. The indoor area can hold up to 70 person.PicsArt_1421311508607_resized

A little review about the dessert table 😉 We made it by ourselves, and the theme was Tiffany Blue. As you can see, all the cake, cupcakes, and candies were decorated with tiffany blue accent.

D’llyst is divided into 2 section. Smoking and non-smoking room as usual. Both of them are quite spacious and well-designed. The smoking section was decorated with many quotes. And we have some favorite 🙂


smoking area


Yes! Thankyou for the food, friends, love, and presence!


That Julia Child’s quote will always be our fave

PicsArt_1421311892368_resized PicsArt_1421312168208_resized We quite loved the interior design of D’llyst. It’s simple and clear, with some vintage ornaments. Ah, we super love the bird cage and other ornaments near the window.

Super love!

Super love!

Super love!

Super love!

Super love!

Super love!

That time, we ate Smoked Beef Chowder Soup as appetizer, Fish and Chips as main course, Fried Banana with ice cream as dessert, and we drank Ice Tea. (Party pax : 135k++ / pax)

Beef Chowder Soup

Smoked Beef Chowder Soup (appetizer)

Smoked Beef Chowder Soup

This taste quite good and nice for appetizer. We love the garlic bread! It suit the soup taste well 🙂

Fish and Chips (main course)

Fish and Chips (main course)

Fish and Chips

Taste like normal fried dory fish. A little bit disappointing because it consist more chips than fish. The fish wasn’t that fresh, and the chips itself were too small and too crispy.

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

Fried Banana with ice cream (dessert)

Fried Banana with ice cream (dessert)

Fried banana with ice cream

We are disappointed with the taste of this dish. Just not our style and it taste quite awful. The caramel sauce was too bitter and the ice cream has some crystallized ice inside it.


Fried Banana with Ice Cream


The service wasn’t that good. Some of us waited for almost 1 hour to get our food served. However, we had a nice dinner party. Hope they will improve their service. Not sure if we’ll comeback or no.. Anyway, thanks for your effort D’llyst.


Address :
D’llyst Restaurant & Cafe
Jl. Marina Indah, Pantai Indah Kapuk
Rukan Crown Golf Boulevard
Blok B No. 57 – 58

Opening Hours :
Monday – Thursday : 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Friday – Saturday : 12:00 pm – 1:00 am
Sunday : 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

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