#fromnorthpoletojakarta | The newest cafe in PIK, North Pole Cafe


Finally elsasisters got a chance to try the newest and hippest cafe in PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk), North Pole Cafe. Although they are specializing in gelato, coffee, and waffle, North Pole Cafe also serve you many kind of non-coffee drinks, and snacks. They also have a super cute mascot which are 3 little Siberian Husky called Coco, Waff, and Cream.

Coco, Waff, Cream

Coco, Waff, Cream

North Pole Cafe is located in PIK, inline with Shirokuma, A Gantea, and many more. It has nice, and simple yet lovely exterior with a quite big nameplate (so, it’s not hard to find this cafe). Oh, the interior was pretty too. They have quite-a-lot of cool wall hanging, and super cool mural on the non-smoking room, which was drawn by the owner.



Smoky Pan, 68k

Smoky Pan, 68k

This menu has 6 different flavors of ice cream, gelato, and sorbet, that is served on a smoke pan with whipped cream and colorful fruit pebbles (this is lil sis’ fave) . Here we got cherry, chocolate, banana sorbet, chocolate lemon, caramel, and vanilla. All of them are not too sweet, and have quite nice texture. However, we don’t really like almost all of them, because of its weird after-taste, especially the Cherry one. Our favorite would be the banana.

Smoke Pan, 68k

Smoky Pan, 68k


Iced Ferrero Rocher, 39k

This drink is superrr nice. It has silky smooth texture with not too overhelming nutella flavor, and crushed ferrero on top. Recommended for all of you that are fans of nutella.

Iced Ferrero Rocher, 39k

Iced Ferrero Rocher, 39k

Peach Mango Waffle pop, 37k

Sorry, but this one has no photo 😦 But you guys can see it on the first photo. It consist layer of cornflakes, peach, mango, vanilla ice cream, and of course waffle. This is too delicious to be true. It’s the most delicious waffle we’ve ever eaten, like ever. The peach and mango neutralized the sweetness from the vanilla ice cream. And the cornflakes give genius texture to this dessert. Totally recommended for everybody!!

Smoke Pan, 68k

Smoky Pan, 68k

Overall, It’s a quite nice dessert with great ambiance ♥. But we don’t know if we will come back for more. Lets eat foodies!!!

Address :

North Pole Cafe
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Ruko Crown Golf Blok A 57
Instagram : northpolecafe

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